1-17 July Pop Up in BROOKLYN @ Jnana Wellness Center, 97 Bond Street

TQH Qigong is in Brooklyn!

TQH Qigong improves physical, mental, and spiritual alignment by cultivating sharp awareness of how we inhabit our bodies. In these classes, we will use the Seven Static standing exercises, breathwork, and dynamic leg lifts to explore the postural and motion habits that bring us “off center,” causing tension and experiences of dis-ease in daily life. Students can expect precise, body-focused guidance on how to shift unwholesome habits toward a state of optimal alignment.


JULY 1-7, 2019:
Mon: 10:30AM-12PM
Wed: 4:30-6PM / 6:30-8PM
Fri: 10:30AM-12PM
Sun: 1-2:30PM

JULY 8-17, 2019:

Mon : 10:30AM-12PM
Tue: 4:30-6PM
Wed: 6:30-8PM (*last class on 7/17)
Fri: 10:30AM-12PM
Sun: 1-2:30PM

$25 drop in / $60 for 3 class pass

Questions? Contact at 516 587 1237 or tqh.ashley@gmail.com.

For info about programs and retreats in Thailand, visit http://www.thaiqiholistics.org.

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