TQH Medical Qigong Foundations workshop, October 19th @ Yoga Life

When: Saturday, October 19th, 1-4pm
Location: Yoga Life, 939 Port Washington Blvd, Port Washington
Investment: $60 with pre-registration*, $65 at the door
*Pre-register at the studio or online.

In this workshop, you will learn basic movement and breathing techniques to cultivate your physical/energetic center, or “dantien.”

Through standing postures, you will begin to re-train your habitual body alignment for optimal health and injury prevention in daily life. You will also practice dynamic leg exercises to better understand your body in motion and strengthen your center. The workshop will close with a seated meditation to improve the Lung system and your overall meditation posture.

Theoretical knowledge based in Chinese Medicine will be integrated throughout, to enhance your understanding of your body and health.

You will:

  • Re-train the body-mind connection towards a state of optimal alignment.
  • Receive individualized, precise guidance suited to your physical condition.
  • Learn the basic five element theory of Chinese Medicine.
  • Practice a Qigong meditation technique to improve both physical and mental health.

All levels welcome!

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