Tailored Study Programs

Tailored private/group session packages are available for those who would like to treat specific health conditions and/or deepen their practice in the TQH system. Each customized program is tailored to suit the individual’s physical/mental condition, based upon personal consultation, and considers their gradual progress over time. Gentle, therapeutic Qi Massage may be applied to support the student’s healing progress and body understanding.

Students will address their individual conditions through in-depth Medical Qigong instruction starting with the Seven Static Exercises. Over time, additional exercises and Qigong forms may be provided for them to more precisely study the cause and effect of their physical and mental patterns, and to redirect imbalanced patterns toward a state of optimal wellbeing and confidence. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and is tailored to suit the student’s physical/mental condition.

Personal conditions may involve:

– Joint ache/pain
– Arthritis/rheumatism
– Office syndrome
– Injury rehabilitation
– Digestive issues (acid reflux/GERD, bloating, IBS, food allergy/sensitivity, irregular/difficult elimination)
– Weight loss/gain & body shaping

– Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), menopausal symptom management
– Stress, anxiety, insomnia
– Asthma
– Skin conditions (rash, hives, eczema, psoriasis)
– Chronic headache & migraine
– Fatigue/low energy

For the benefit of the student, a 10 session minimum commitment is asked, as building body-mind awareness and gaining a greater understanding the body’s natural healing capacity must be a gradual process over time.

Online Introduction Package (10 Sessions)*
5 private sessions, 5 group sessions – 11.25 hours instruction/treatment –  offline support – $390

Online Intermediate Package (10 Sessions)
10 private sessions – 10 hours instruction/treatment –  offline support – $600

*Upon completion of Introduction Package, new students may be invited to develop their studies under TQH Central’s (Thailand) international online programs. Invitation to apply is based on the student’s personal condition, motivation, and practice goals.

In selected cases, and depending on location & program needs, session packages may be completed with in-person assistance from local Qualified trainees in TQH’s Instructor Program.

Application for Tailored Study

Applicants are strongly recommended to attend at least one public class before completing the registration process. This allows time to meet after class to consult about your condition and goals for the practice. From there, we would mutually decide whether private study can support your condition; you would also be provided details of the program package, and be free to ask any questions you might have.

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