I met Ashley in 2016 in Chiang Mai at the clinic where we both study Medical Qigong with Ajarn Toh. Since that time, I have both studied, and been taught by Ashley at the clinic, and at drop in classes at Yoga Tree, also in Chiang Mai.

I have found her to be a most dedicated and committed student and Teacher of the TQH system who approaches each student with much care and attention. Her guidance and interventions are timely and detailed, and her attitude is both sensitive and humble. Being witness to her own personal journey, in terms of physical strength, mental and emotional resilience, and spiritual understanding has been, and continues to be, a great pleasure and inspiration to me.

– Sonia Edwards, Integrative Counselor/TQH Instructor Trainee, London, England

I have attended, with great pleasure, a good number of Qi Gong sessions run by Ashley in Thailand. Ashley’s friendly, open and calm nature have played a significant role in my decision to enroll soon after, for a more intensive course last year. Ashley is an excellent instructor, able to explain, demonstrate and adapt postures to the diverse audience attending the sessions: different nationalities, young people, middle aged, seniors, all with various health conditions or specific ailments. I am looking forward to the next time I am in Chiang Mai and Ashley runs Qi Gong sessions to enroll again.

– Sonia Josserand-Mercier, Consultant in Communication and Training (INGOs), Nepal

I have been taking Qigong for three years and have witnessed the amazing transformation of Ashley Baldwin. When I first knew her,  she was very thin and had many food allergies.  Over the years she has gradually been able to eat a wide variety of foods. She has gained weight and her body posture has improved along with her radiance.

I have watched Ashley blossom as a teacher. She is excellent. She truly believes in the transformational power of Thai Qi Holistics through her own practice. She is a natural, vibrant teacher and makes learning fun. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn with her!

– Winifred Tan, Retired, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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